People are becoming so rude… I work in customer service for the Government… I do bookings on the phone and front counter and the amount of people that are rude is crazy!

I have people sitting in reception on their phones, either having the loudest conversation on the phone, loling really laughing out laugh either when watching utube or fb or vines ( I know this because they tell me what they watch) all of this up as loud as they can, and if they are not on phone they talk really loud so you can hear what they are talking about, let their kids scream and yell at the top of their lungs and play with the water cooler.

These acts don’t just affect me, and majority of the time it’s the other customers that are sitting out there that have it the worst, they can’t go anywhere or say anything. There is no respect for others feeling or just respect for the settings they in.

When I’m on phones it’s even more amazing, people yell and scream at you then you realise they are yelling at family members, then they say sorry for that and act all nice, others yell at you for there fuck ups, others can’t understand me and pass the phone to other family members till someone understands me or the one that really floats my boat, is when you give them the booking number and they push the key pad! BEEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEPPPPPPPPPP I wish we had smaller booking numbers… There’s never I’m just going to push the numbers on my phone or any warning, it’s so loud when you have a head set on… Seriously WTF PEOPLE OF THE WORLD… Respect, manners and politeness will get you so much further in the world and think about how you want to be treated.



I hate lies… My mum hated them… I could never lie to her because she would catch me out or more to the fact I would get found out… So I gave up lying to her… Which brought me to the point it’s just as easy not to lie… So I don’t tell big fibs, I tell the lies of sorry I missed your call I was in the shower, when really it was most likely on silent and then when I realised I could unlock my phone.. Or I just didn’t really want to answer and I don’t know why.

I don’t practice a no lying thing, I don’t mind the white lie here and there, it has got me out of trouble with the cops a few times.. However if you are going to lie don’t do big huge ones, don’t do the I forgot crap, don’t do major life impacting ones, don’t do ones to not hurt someone’s feelings.. I was always told, I quote my mother on many occasions in my teenage years “honesty is the best policy”

I can honestly say… I know how my mum felt when I would lie to her and even though she knew the truth what could she do? She loved me.. She would say I love you as my daughter but I hate the person you have become (I was a horrible teenager to my parents, really horrible) and now I know why she would say it because it’s true, you can love someone so much but hate them at the same time…



Now I have had the good and bad relationships, the horrid and the great, I have been married and divorced… Yet after all these years I still don’t get them and I truly think that’s the way it’s meant to be.

Through no ones fault but my own I have stuck around in the bad ones and threw away the good ones. But what do you do when you can’t throw it away because it’s good and bad and don’t want to stick around because it’s bad and good.

If that just made sense then top points for keeping up!

I’m at a cross roads of what I deserve, what I want, what’s right and what wrong… I know what I should be doing but because love is in the way, I don’t know if it’s influencing my ways… I want to leave it all behind and start again but that could never happen, we have been here before, we have been through a lot and what I thought was making us stronger was lies…

Confused… lol


Don’t know if it’s good, bad or just gross… Bad thing, cat had spewed everywhere in the kitchen.. Good thing, I didn’t have to clean it up.. Gross thing, the dog cleaned it up… lol

Sick Day turns into Guilt Day


Wasn’t feeling the best Sunday night and this morning decided not to go into work, I’m a temp so don’t get paid for sick days.. so having a day off is a major decision. After calling work and leaving a message, I sent and SMS to one if the guys I work with to say I won’t be in, he replied with “ok”.
With this I go back to bed and go to sleep. When I awake the guilt of not going into work hits, I think how I let everyone down, messed everyone’s day around and I’m sure they all going to hold a grudge tomorrow when I get in… The other part of me is saying why are you guilty?! Everyone else called in sick over the holidays and had leave, I legitimately felt sick… Had I pulled a sickie and went shopping or to the movies I may have not felt the guilt but have a day off because you are sick and the guilt makes you feel worse…

Does anyone else get this guilt?

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a grudge free day!


The Great Wine Explosion of 2014


Today’s photo a day is Found.
And that’s what happened this morning. Walked down to my friends house and we were talking about how we didn’t drink on Friday even though everyone else at the BBQ was, when I realised that I had put two bottles of wine in the freezer. Chris ran home and on arrive he sent me a pic. I believe I had left the bottles in the freezer for only two day lol.
The pic is below of what he found when opening the fridge.
It could have been worse if the bottles had broken but looking on the funny side I have a lot of ice cubes of wine to cook with now.


-:- New Year = New Dreams, Hopes and Wishes -:-


I don’t normally make New Year Resolutions, I did many years ago but never bothered with them after a few months… So this year I have given myself a challenge, to do new things and say yes to the things I would normally say no too.

A blog was something new that I had never done before, thought about but never done it. I’m really not fussed if anybody reads it but this has given me an avenue to say what I want.

I also plan to take more photos. Last year I got lazy and stopped taking photos and going out for the day to different place and take photos. In saying this I have started doing FMS Photo A Day (stopped doing it last year) again this year. It’s good for me because it gets my brain thinking.

Have more Fun! I need to enjoy summer while it’s still here. More going for drives, more get together at my house, more hanging out with the people I enjoy being around but most of all doing what I want to do.

No time for negative! I only want positive around me. I have friends and family bringing me down, if this is happening I distance myself from it but then give in and cycle begins again. Not anymore.. Distance will just stay between us now, no more using, annoying and upsetting. I have always said if I talk to you then I like you if I don’t then you can kind of take it as I don’t have time for your crap.

I have a few others but I’ll write once I get to them.

So this takes me to the end of my new blog… I’m not setting time limits or expecting myself to write all the time, I’m using this as my avenue to express myself in words.